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Tinted Window Glass

Tinted Window Glass

Tinted Window Glass
Product name : Tinted Window Glass
Item : MPWG-1701
Details :
4mm 5mm 5.5mm 6mm Tinted Glass For Window,Tinted Window Glass

Why use tinted glass for window?
Tinted glass is also named colored glass, it is kind of decorative glass because of its color. The color offer more design space for designers and architects.you can choose one color for your window,or you can have different colors together, it all depends on your own taste. Besides, tinted glass can absorb the sun heat during the day, especially in summer, it make people feel cool and lower the temperature of the inside space, which will save cooling expense from air conditioning.also it effectively block UV rays which is harmful to human and interior furniture. Window is one of the most important parts in a building, it worth your attention and effort. If you’re living in the hot areas on earth like Africa,or you’v got a hot summer, then tinted window glass is good choice.

Advantages of tinted window glass
1.Absorb solar heat
2.Block UV rays.
3.Energy saving

Thickness:4mm 5mm 5.5mm 6mm 8mm 10mm
Size:2140x3300mm,2250x3300mm,2140x1650mm,2440x1650mm,2140x3660mm,2440x3300mm, etc. Or custom size based on your window.
Color:Euro Bronze, Dark Grey, Euro Grey, Dark Green, F-Green, Dark Blue, Ford Blue etc.

Tinted window glass can be deep processed into tinted tempered glass,tinted insulated glass,tinted laminated glass. It can also be bent or curved to fit the arc window structure.

Fit different widow types:
Double hung windows
Single hung windows
Bay&Bow windows
Sliding windows
French windows
Other windows

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