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Tempered Glass shower door/enclosure

Tempered Glass shower door/enclosure

Tempered Glass shower door/enclosure
Product name : Tempered Glass shower door/enclosure
Item : MPSD-1701
Details :
Custom Sized Tempered Glass For Shower door/Shower enclosure
Glass shower door or enclosure is now very common in our life. It is easy to build one(framed or frame-less shower door).Tempered glass is now widely used for making shower door. This kind of glass is 3-5 times tougher than ordinary float glass, and withstand high temperature(320℃). Tempered glass can be bent or curved to fit different style of shower enclosure. Also, you can make it transparent or obscure and so on. Glass shower door is great decoration for home and it is easy to clean and maintain.

Specifications of tempered glass shower door:
Size:custom size based on your shower design.
Color:Clear,Ultra clear,Euro Bronze, Dark Grey, Euro Grey, Dark Green, F-Green, Dark Blue, Ford Blue etc.
Glass shape:flat,bent,round,rectangle,and so on.
Other processing: holes,notches,bevelled edge and corner polished,all can be done based on your requirements.

Besides tempered glass, What kinds of glass you can get from mipcoole glass for shower door?
Colored glass(tinted glass)--make your shower door colorful,with more personal taste.
Frosted glass--widely used for shower door,protect privacy.
Patterned glass--Beautiful patterns can be great decoration to the shower door,meanwhile,it is translucent glass,better to protect your privacy.
PDLC Smart glass--Switch on or off to change the transparency, very convenient and practical.
Laminated Glass--High safety level ensured.
Glass Shower Door/Enclosure:
Tempered glass for bathtub: