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Insulated Glass Unit

Insulated Glass Unit

Insulated Glass Unit
Product name : Insulated Glass Unit
Item : MPIG-1701
Details :
Energy Saving Insulated Glass Unit Manufacturer in China
About insulated glass unit
Insulated glass unit,also called Hollow glass,Double glazed unit or IGU. Is made up of two or more glass panels separated by aluminum spacer and sealed together at the edge. The space is filled with dry air or a noble gas, such as argon or krypton that can slow down the heat exchange and reduce noise. The aluminum spacer is filled with silica desiccant pellets to remove moisture in the space. 

Insulated Glass Advantages:

Solar Heat&Radiation Control
Due to the special structure of insulated unit, the solar power transmission between indoor and outdoor gets slow and stable.it protects human from strong direct sunlight. 
Sound Proof
Insulated glass can keep low the voice and noises level from outside,which creates quiet environment for people working in the building. 

Condensation is a key factor to judge the insulated units.the dew point of Mipcoole insulating glass is below -65 °C which guarantees no condensation under normal applications.

Because of the slow power transmission inside the insulated unit, it keeps the heating and cooling cost low. what’s more, it balances the temperature and humidity inside the room.

Single glass thickness: 3-19mm
Size: Max: 2500mm*4000mm, Min: 180mm*350mm
Glass Color: clear, ultra clear, green, blue, grey, bronze, etc.
Aluminum Spacer: 6, 9, 12, 16mm (1/4", 11/32", 1/2", 5/8")
Spacer Filling: Dry Air, noble gas like Argon, etc.

What kind of glass can be made into insulated units?

Quality Standard:
In accordance with EN1279 European standard
In accordance with ASTM E2190 American Standard
In accordance with GB/T11944 Chinese Standard 

Insulated Glass Unit Pictures:

Colored/Tinted glass used to make insulated units:

Mipcoole insulated glass unit workshop: