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Fire Proof Glass

Fire Proof Glass

Fire Proof Glass
Product name : Fire Proof Glass
Item : MPFP-1701
Details :
CE&ISO Certificated Fire rated Fire Proof Glass Manufacturer in China

About Fire Proof Glass
Fire Proof Glass is also called Fire resistant glass or Fire rated glass.There’re two kinds of fire rated glass-single layer fire-resistant glass and double layer fire-resistant glass.With good ability of heat-insulation and smoke insulation, effectively prevent the fire from outdoor or indoor.

Fire Proof Glass Features:
•Heat resistance,Fire-proof glass can last 90 to 120 minutes under 1000 degrees
•High light transmittance and thermal stability
•Preventing the spreading of smoke, toxic gas from the burning of materials.
•With the same thickness,The ability of anti-shocking is about 1.5-3 times stronger than tempered glass,6-12 times than ordinary glass.

Thickness:5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm
Size: Customized sizes as per request

Fire Proof Glass Pictures:

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